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How to write an effective bug report

If you work with or develop software, you are certain to run into a situation when you encounter an error or bug and have to report it. However, not all bug reports are created equal, so here I cover some important issues you should consider when submitting your next bug report.

A curated list of useful WordPress plugins

With each WordPress website build I do, I inevitably turn to the same set of tried and trusted plugins. Here is my list, hopefully you'll find them a useful addition to your own site builds.

What are decent WordPress alternatives

WordPress is the go-to solution for many web developers, but this doesn't mean it's the best tool for the job. In this post I explore a few alternative options that you might not have heard about.

What's wrong with building sites with WordPress

After working with WordPress for many years, I have been searching for a suitable alternative that doesn't suffer from the issues that plague almost all WordPress sites.

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