About Web Envoy

Web Envoy was created by Ben when he saw the struggles his wife Kelly went through in her work life, juggling multiple domain names and hosting accounts for over 400 clients.

Ben is a full-stack web developer and has worked on the web for over 20 years - as long as Kelly, who is also a website designer and search engine marketer.

Although Ben and Kelly don't work at the same company, they do work in some sort of harmony in the office they share.

Ben fell in love with the French Alps in 2008 after he was introduced to snowboarding by a good friend. It wasn't long until he spotted a house for sale in a village and he snapped it up. It needed a lot of work, most of which he did himself.

Soon after, Kelly, who had been travelling North America and learning to snowboard in the Rockies, blundered into the small mountain village in her campervan.

Their lives collided into a fine mix of snow, travel, wine and web development.

Eight years later, and a married couple they are starting to feel like grown-ups, just about!

You'll find Kelly's helpful website, all about WordPress and search engine marketing over on Kaydee.net.

Background Of Web Envoy

Web Envoy is Ben's brainchild and was originally called Marvin, after Marvin the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams.

The Hitchhiker's Guide trilogy were Ben's favourite books growing up.

In the books, Marvin is a brilliant but depressed robot manufactured by the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and an unwilling servant to the Heart of Gold spaceship.

The name was changed for fear that we would be infringing copyright but we still call him Marvin in the office.

We love the word ENVOY because Web Envoy is your diplomatic messenger, bringing you the most important updates. "Envoyer" in French means "to send".

Just contact us if you've got any questions about Web Envoy and what it can do for you.

We will keep developing the software as long as it serves, and are always keen to hear your ideas and requests.

See you online.

Ben and Kelly

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